Thursday, March 31, 2011

april's inspiration board,

create a grand entrance

I'm currently working on creating a collection door decs for every month. I got the idea from Jil, of Jil Roberts Manuel Photography, who requested a painted canvas to hang on her front door during the month of March (her birthday month none-the-less). I was worried because the canvas she had was so large, but I think it turned out really neat and added that extra special touch to the front of her adorable house... and what better than to spread the Word to everyone passing by?

Jil has requested a lavendar one with a different verse for April. Well, there are 2 hours until April begins... I guess I have a busy weekend of painting ahead of me!

Jil's son, Jonah, with their March door dec

Speaking of painting, it is one of my most favorite hobbies and I'm excited to have just booked a night of Wine & Design with Ashley for April 15. Ashley went tonight with a group of friends and her work makes me so excited to go in two weeks. I'm thankful she had a blast and wants to go back! What a fun way to spend time with your friends while making something you will be proud to hang in your home.

Ashley's painting from Wine & Design

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

why zest?

By definition, zest is anything added to impart flavor, interest or charm.

I enjoy both finding and making a variety of things that help add pizzaz to my home decor, wardrobe, and meals. It is my goal to use this blog as a means to provide daily inspiration to encourage you to spice up the many aspects of your everyday life.

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if there is a topic you are interested in or you simply just want to get in touch with me.