Saturday, June 25, 2011

margarita cupcakes

For Cinco de Mayo this year, Jil and I whipped up some Margarita cupcakes {okay, really I was just the lime cutter}.

I was not a big fan of the idea of Margarita cupcakes at first. Probably because I don't like drinking Margaritas. AND I do not like limes... or any citrus fruit.

I should have gone with my instinct that I would not like these cupcakes and never tried one. It would have saved me many, many calories. Apparently when there is butter and sugar mixed with the tequila and lime, I have no problem with either one.

Well, I got a call from Julia, who needed a few dozen mini cupcakes for her sister's "Stock the Bar" wedding shower/party tonight. I gladly agreed to bake for her and we both decided that Margarita cupcakes would be perfect for the theme of the evening.

Julia, I hope the cupcakes are as delicious as they smelled baking and that you guys have SO much fun at the party tonight.

Next thing I'm going to try are Lemon Drop Martini cupcakes... anybody want to volunteer to do some taste-testing in a couple of weeks?? :)


  1. I WILL!!!! Sounds delicious!! When do I come over?

  2. OMG - the Margarita cupcakes are HANDS DOWN my favorite so far. Seriously, better than the chocolate chip. I ate the cupcake and then the lime (in true tequila shot fashion). AH-MAZING!

  3. They were OUTSTANDING!!! I'm sad there aren't any left..the lemon drop martini cupcakes sound awesome too.. YUM!