Sunday, July 10, 2011

cupcake baking extravaganza

Just looked at the date on this post and realized it is officially my half-birthday.

I wasn't planning on this post being in honor of my half-birthday, but sometimes you have to find an excuse to bake {and eat} cupcakes ALL week long.

Earlier this week, I created a new recipe all by myself.

Okay. Wait. I probably should rephrase: I changed a recipe that Jil originally created, all by myself, for the first time. I didn't even call her. Not once! Not until it was over and tasted. Woohoo!

I call this creation the Jen Bomb Cupcake.

The flavors of this cupcake were inspired by a Shirley Temple drink with vodka added to the buttercream. When vodka is added to a Shirley Temple, it is apparently called a "Dirty Shirley" {yes, I did research on this}. But, when my sister Jennifer was in college, she would mix herself some Sprite, grenadine & vodka when she would go out and she named her version of the drink the "Jen Bomb" so I felt it was only appropriate to name the cupcake in honor of her.

Next, I made a S'mores Cupcake.

I had been thinking about this cupcake for a while and looking at several recipes online. Some of them looked super complicated and not worth the effort, and some of them looked like they may not have the true taste of s'mores that I was trying to accomplish. So, I pulled some things I liked about each one and made my own.

I did call Jil. Once. Just to confirm my suspicions how I should make marshmallow buttercream... :)

This delicious cupcake has three main layers: graham cracker crust, chocolate chocolate chip cake, and a marshmallow buttercream icing. Of course, considering a s'more has two layers of graham crackers, I dusted some of the bits on top as well.

Finally, when I went to take Jil a taste of my s'mores cupcake today, she decided that we should bake some Raspberry Champagne Cupcakes.

I love berry-flavored buttercream icings. This particular one has got to be my absolute favorite. Nothing like fresh raspberries, sugar and butter with a chilled glass of raspberry champagne to wash it down.

Tomorrow morning I am taking the last of my s'mores cupcakes to Elon University for the law students to enjoy while they continue studying for the Bar. Then, I think I need to take a little break from the kitchen just long enough to catch up on the dishes and let all of this sugar digest :)

With all these new recipes tested and enjoyed, I'd love to make cupcakes for a special event you have coming up. My first large order is planned for September when I will be making 125 cupcakes for NCSU Tri Delta's Preference Night. I'm so excited to be able to bake for my sweet sorority sisters and feel honored that I was asked to help during Recruitment.

If it's cakes or decorated cookies you are looking for, make sure you check out Award Inspirations and see how Ashley can help you.

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